Aneta Zae Jewelry

Aneta Zae Jewelry

Aneta Zae Jewelry started as a realization of the ever thirsty feeling of creating art that would be deep, emotional and tangible. Art to wear that is relatable and that people would love. The use of my heart and hands in the process are the ultimate necessary conditions.

I create jewelry that is timeless, bold, playful and other worldly at the same time. From inception to creation, each wearable work of art piece is transformed by hand from wax or metal.

Nature is my ultimate inspiration. Its beauty is mystical and playful, audacious and full of spirit. Art that reflects these qualities should also inspire the imagination of the soul that wears it, providing a connection to the magic of our Earth.

The use of recycled metals and sustainably sourced gemstones is a must.

My mission for each creation is to bring you an exclusive experience, with ethical and enchanting jewelry that will captivate and illuminate your senses. These are the jewels I design for fearless souls.

Aneta Zae