This collection is inspired by mexican geometric and architectural figures, the  main concept of this collection is that each piece can be used by  anyone, regardless of gender, race or age. We firmly believe that  inclusion is an important part of AVEC2021. The pieces has been designed by Georgina Prieto and  handmade by Mexican artisans in the heart of Mexico City, each of the pieces has a unique design.

We believe that we can connect culturally through the presentation of this collection, putting how we can be connected through jewelry by different views, cultural experiences and art without prejudice, we care to show that the inspiration of this collection have a lot of outside, and a lot of initiative so that all people regardless of their gender can use the pieces.

Each piece of AVEC is created to recharge energy through its metals, its stones and its colors, we have created  pieces that allow us to feel connected through all the possibilities, we have understood that many people would  like to use accessories without having to worry about perforations , we have created a large variety of earcuffs  that facilitate the use of accessories on the ear.

This allow human connections to be achieved without the need to follow the ideas that we were set when we are born. All this only refers us to the happiness, joy and pleasure that we find in seeing a person wearing an AVEC piece  without the need of follow the social standars.