Casa D’Acero

Casa D’Acero

Casa D’Acero’s jewelry line is handcrafted by Véronik Lacombe, a professional jeweler based near Montreal, Quebec. She studied jewelry and gemology in Montreal at the end of the 1990’s.

Véronik’s path took her in many directions, working in sales in the jewelry and fashion industries, as a personal stylist, as well as owning multiple businesses. All these experiences would eventually lead her to realize that something crucial was missing, Véro felt the need to get back to her roots.

Her journey has been far from linear; this is reflected in her unique and untraditional take on jewelry. By mixing materials and techniques, her pieces become contemporary and timeless.

Casa D’Acero’s artistic direction and vision stems from the collaboration of both co-founders, Lawrence Sabella and Véronik Lacombe. "This ensures that our pieces are gender neutral and can be worn by anyone anywhere. We take pride in using ethical materials and packaging when possible. Most of our pieces are made of polymer clay and sterling silver and we love to add pearls and gemstones as well. We use gold filled, vermeil or gold into our designs. Our mission is to bring beauty in an uncertain and chaotic world."