Francesca Corradini Gioielli

Francesca Corradini Gioielli

I create jewels that are entirely handmade and worked exclusively by me. Each one is a unique piece; in fact, each edition of the same piece differs in several details and is a creation in itself. I have chosen to work by myself; I autonomously create and produce each jewel because I wish to personally touch the objects that will subsequently be worn.

I have always worked metals through cold welding, the only fire forging my materials being creative passion. I love using the ancient tools that come from the nineteenth-century workshop: hammers, hacksaws, screwdrivers, files, awls, pliers, wire cutters, scissors, sandpaper and cushions full of desert sand are all the technology I am equipped with. I put ideas at the centre of my creations and dexterity is my main tool to try and transform the pure shapes in sculptures to be worn.

Jewels are ideas that come to life between one’s hands: I don’t draw and I realize each prototype directly. The material itself,
through its colour, shape or thickness, suggests how to be approached; combining this with the inspiration that crowds my imagery triggers a dance of trials and variations. Creativity flows spontaneously and blossoms into a new, original object.

I am self-taught and have a taste for experimentation and research. I have spent many hours in developing my very own and unique method, through slow and passionate work, trying to find the most appropriate way to turn a jewel into something I may have imagined one night or that a cloud or a field may have suggested.

I love working at night: I find my space and time amongst the silence of resting life.

I prefer the so-called poor metals, brass, bronze, copper and silver, as I am convinced that a jewel is more precious for its style and flair than for its economical value. An antioxidant treatment protects these materials in their splendour, like the more precious ones. Upon request, I also realize untreated objects for those who – like me – love how these change over time and according to the climate, as if they were living together with the person wearing them. And – always upon request – I also realize jewels in gold and platinum.