Gökçe Güvenç

Gökçe Güvenç

Growing up in Istanbul in a home her family occupied for many generations, Güvenç Gökçe was surrounded by decorative silverware, textile art and jewelry. Within her family, jewelry is given as heirlooms and passes between the generations of women. Each piece tells a story of remembrance and embrace, giving life to venerable objects. Gökçe's new creations, within her collection, appear modern but preserve the qualities of objects long treasured, kept safe for good reasons, and worn close to the skin.

In a world overflowing with disposable objects, Gökçe wants to create works that are unique and contemporary - for our fleeting times - but also to be treasured one day as heirlooms.

Each piece is designed by Gökçe and made to order by local craftsmen in New York City.