Hannah Allene

Hannah Allene

Hannah Allene is a modern fine jewelry company that embraces jewelry as a non-gendered means of self-expression. With dynamic designs intended for versatility, thoughtful use of precious materials combined with architectural forms create a signature, understated elegance that appeals to an individual’s sense of creativity and style.

Hannah’s passion for fine jewelry was born from a unique childhood surrounded by exquisite tribal art and an early obsession for colored gemstones. Within the art, Hannah saw the fine lines of nature reduced to their most elemental simplicity as dreamtime stories were conveyed and everyday objects were celebrated, becoming integral parts of human existence.

Her passions led her to New York City, later to Singapore, and back again. In addition to her own work, she spent years developing gold, bridal, and high-end jewelry at one of America’s foremost jewelry brands. Through a cultivated eye for the finest craftsmanship and most exceptional gemstones, these high standards continue to guide her work to this day.

Informed by her background and extensive travel throughout the world, as a designer, she is constantly inspired by hidden symbolism and universal themes that transcend cultural boundaries and connect us all in the human experience.

Photography by Alain Simic.