Jariet Oloye

Jariet Oloye

Creating Joy and Happiness.

Being raised in the community of artisans in Nigeria and enjoyed listening to the spoken traditional stories which been passed from one generation to the next, I was encouraged to play with different materials and participated in the arts of weaving textiles and basketry that prepared me for a life of creativity.

I come into jewellery design and make through a special commissioned pair of earring gifted to me by my Mum. Every time I looked and touched these earrings I could feel the richness of African culture and heritage. This evokes enormous interest in me to become a designer and maker with story telling.

I learned to make jewellery from basic to HND Design and Make, followed with the BA Jewellery and Silversmithing at The School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University. The skills and techniques I gained from this high institution coupled with my childhood lived experience equipped me to developed Jariet Oloye registered Intellectual Property woven design pattern.

My sculptural artwork is formed individually by hand using traditional craft skills of weaving and metalsmithing with attention to the form, scale and texture examining the relationship between touch, memory, light, shadow and craftsmanship. I use both traditional and modern techniques to create fine and contemporary artwork that tell stories of joy and happiness.