JIAMINI is a family run, Kenyan based Fashion Accessories Brand meaning believe in yourself in 'Swahili, founded in 2016, on the foundation of preserving its Traditional African Heritage. Our vision, through innovative designs and use of locally sourced materials, seeks to preserve our timeless Kenyan tradition, craftsmanship and heritage with a touch of modernity, with an emphasis on creating employment for women both at the grassroots and urban settings. Manipulated in the construction of delicate beaded embroidery and weaving, each piece is developed around the idea of comfort, complementing the body’s form and fluidity while at the same time celebrating the spirit of Kenya.

Under the creative direction of Jennifer Mulli, Jiamini has been successful is producing one of a kind collections twice a year, that is; ‘The Mwambililio ( meaning beginning )collection and The Mung’ung’uti ( meaning Spine ) collection, catching the eyes of international press such as Vogue France, Vogue Italy, Wallpaper* Magazine with a double spread feature, special mentions and features on Paper Magazine as “The next wave of African Designers taking their place on the global stage,” Live on New York Jewellery Week 2022, The Jewellery trendbook 2024 forecast , VO+ Jewelry Magazine 2023, and on Wallpaper* Magazine featured by watches and Jewelry editor as one of the Jewelry designers to know in 2023, set to shine.
Jiamini was also awarded the ‘MAD about Jewellery aquisition prize.’ 2018, by the Museum of Art and Design New York , Where a piece from the brand now sits at the museums permanent collection.

In addition to this, Jiamini has had the opportunity to collaborate on two jewelry collections with Los Angeles based Jewelry brand DYLANLEX.

Our one of a kind pieces are a reminder and encouragement to women of who they are: Bold, Confident, Courageous, Liberated and more. The Jiamini woman is an enigma to most and a balance of delicacy and strength to those who come across her path. It’s the pep in her step, the subtle elegance she carries herself with and the silent confidence that fascinates a crowd. Her precious Armour, ‘JIAMINI’, around her body, that only she knows the true significance of. She never forgets her roots, the broth that runs through her veins and that just like tradition, she is and always will be timeless. All that’s left to do is believe in herself.

Our meticulous strategy in expanding our reach to customers has seen us showcase at Paris Fashion week A/W 23 as well as curate a selection of our pieces for a pop-up at La Samaritain in Paris and is stocked at Foreign Agent Gallery in Lussanne, Switzerland. In addition to this, Jiamini has set up a direct to consumer channel through their e-commerce platform as well as through partners such as Merchants Onlong and Industries Africa.