Michael Opipari Silversmith

Michael Opipari Silversmith

"Your work is more art than jewelry" is a comment from many of my collectors, customers, and visitors. I do, in fact, view my work, Michael Opipari Silversmith, more as an artistic expression and less of an elemental craft.

My jewelry begins with water-casting, which involves dropping molten silver into water. This process, completely random, often duplicates shapes and forms found in nature. These water-cast components are then micro-welded into larger configurations, allowing me to retain the desired level of detail, unobtainable with soldering. Finally, traditional and non-traditional metalsmithing techniques create organic, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Artist Biography:
After careers as a freelance photographer and retail designer, Michael Opipari embarked on a new path. Since 2017, his combined experiences have given him a unique perspective on the practical and aesthetic processes of crafting innovative, environmentally sound, and ethically sourced wearable art.