Twin Elegance

Twin Elegance

Based in the vibrant city of New York, I am Cloyette Harris-Stoute, the visionary behind the jewelry Brand, Twin Elegance. My creations are carefully crafted with women in mind, seeking to inspire confidence and encourage bold self-expression. With a keen focus on elements of strength and self-love, my designs embody an interchangeable aesthetic, elegantly combining heart and pear shapes, zodiac symbols, color gemstones and nostalgic elements from my birth country that evoke sentimental feelings and deliver timeless styles.

My journey into the world of jewelry design was ignited by the incredible women in my family who radiated confidence and grace. Their strength and the precious fine jewelry passed down to me by my beloved mom kindled a passion within me to create quality keepsake pieces that celebrate and empower women from all walks of life.

In addition to my family's influence, my birth country, Guyana, holds a special place in my heart. Growing up, I watched the women in my family, adorned with striking handmade high-karat gold jewelry that is passed down through generations. The cherished tradition of gifting gold jewelry to newborns and young children, embraced by my parents, meant that I, too, experienced the joy of wearing bangles, drop earrings, cross necklaces, and tiny finger rings at a young age. These experiences deeply fueled my interest in becoming a jewelry designer.

I present to you the Victoria Regia collection, my newest and most treasured creation and first solid gold pieces. The Victoria Regia, a stunning water lily endemic to Guyana, holds immense cultural significance. It is officially recognized as the country’s national flower and is prominently featured on the coat of arms.  Its large, vibrant blossoms represent resilience, strength, and the country's natural beauty.  I proudly drew inspiration from this remarkable flower and infused its essence into this collection.