We invite you to make an IMPACT on the future of the industry by supporting NYC Jewelry Week through our IMPACT Sponsorship Program. IMPACT Sponsorships are communal funding opportunities and support specific aspects of NYCJW that unite community, create opportunities and sustain the NYCJW platform so it can continue its mission of jewelry for all.

How it Works

The IMPACT Program seeks Sponsorships starting at $500 to support 5 core aspects of the NYCJW22 program. We invite you to join in and help make an IMPACT by contributing to a Group that supports programs that resonate for you – ensure that the programs and communities that you support are represented!

Each IMPACT Group offers the opportunity for up to 10 Sponsors to join with a minimum contribution of $500. Once the Sponsorship Goal of an IMPACT Group is reached, no more funds will be accepted. Each contribution offers visibility for you as a Sponsor of NYCJW22. Find more details below.


GOAL: $5000

Support the inclusion of emerging talent programs and participants throughout NYCJW. Your sponsorship allows for NYCJW to discover & reach emerging talent, create space in the program for their content and do it at no cost to the talent. NYCJW prides itself on being a place to DISCOVER new talent and this IMPACT allows that to happen.

Visibility: Wherever there is a feature or program that includes emerging talent, on whatever NYCJW platform or channel, you will see your IMPACT listed.


GOAL: $5000

At the heart of NYCJW is Contemporary Jewelry. Hosting contemporary jewelry exhibitions and featuring contemporary talent is essential to the expansion and understanding of the contemporary jewelry field. We invite you to help us continue to educate and engage consumers from around the world about contemporary jewelry. Your support will allow for the the inclusion of contemporary jewelry exhibitions and of contemporary jewelry features throughout NYCJW.

Visibility: Wherever there is a contemporary jewelry feature or program, in whatever way on whatever at NYCJW, you will see your IMPACT listed.


GOAL: $5000

Support programming focused on and supportive of women and women-identifying designers, artists, business-owners from every facet of the industry. As a women-owned organization, we believe in supporting and sharing the voices of women in the field of jewelry. If this is important to you, too, help us make that happen!

Visibility: Wherever there is a program about women, on whatever NYCJW Channel, you will see your IMPACT listed.


GOAL: $5000

In its five years of existence, NYC Jewelry Week has served to unite the jewelry community of NYC, the USA and the world as a whole under its mission of jewelry for all. Supporting all types of jewelry, established talent next to emerging talent, offering a platform for new ideas and championing equity since its inception, NYCJW has built a NEW community of like-minded individuals. Help us preserve and grow that community into year five of NYCJW and beyond by Sponsoring the community driven programs, initiatives, events and outreach of NYCJW.

Visibility: Throughout NYCJW22 on all platforms and channels, this IMPACT Group will be recognized.


GOAL: $5000

NYCJW is committed to creating access and building foundational equity for underrepresented voices in the industry. Support the continued efforts of NYCJW to offer affordable access, new opportunities, funding and outreach to new or underserved and under-honored communities and voices in the industry.

Visibility: Throughout NYCJW on all platforms & channels, this IMPACT Group will be recognized for its commitment to equity & access.