Welcome to NYCJW’s IMPACT Sponsorship Program! We invite you to help shape the future of the industry by becoming an IMPACT Sponsor.

The IMPACT program is designed to support the many diverse communities in the jewelry industry through crowd-funding. Your financial contribution to IMPACT is used to create, promote and preserve programs created by and for the many unique, diverse and often up-an-coming voices in the jewelry industry.

Your support fosters a sense of community, creates opportunities, and ensures the sustainability of the NYC Jewelry Week as an accessible platform for everyone. We invite you to join us in fulfilling and expanding our mission of jewelry for all!

How it Works

The IMPACT Sponsorship Program invites sponsors to support specific categories of  NYC Jewelry Week programming through crowd-funding. Here’s how to be a part of it:

  • Pick a category, or categories, below that resonates with you or your business.
  • Contribute funds to your chosen category, or categories, in increments of $500.
  • Your contribution will ensure that the programs and communities you care about are represented at NYC Jewelry Week in November.

How it Works

As a contributor, you will receive credit as an IMPACT Sponsor during NYCJW23 in November as follows:

  • Your name and/or logo, with a link, listed on one NYCJW23 event listing (created by your IMPACT Sponsorship) for every $500 contribution.
  • Your name and/or logo, with a link, on our NYCJW23 online Sponsor page at nycjewelryweek.com
  • Your name and/or logo, with a tag, in a Sponsor “Thank You” Story on @nycjewelryweek.
  • Your name and a link in Sponsor “Thank You” featured in a NYCJW23 Official Newsletter during NYCJW23. We have 10k+ subscribers.
  • Contact us here with any questions!

A Few More Things

  • Each IMPACT Sponsorship can accommodate up to 10 individual sponsors, with a minimum contribution of $500 and a maximum contribution of $5,000.
  • Once an IMPACT category reaches its goal, we will no longer accept contributions for it.
  • You may contribute to as many different IMPACT categories as you wish, with a maximum of a $5,000 contribution to each. Each IMPACT Sponsorship category can support up to 5 programs.



GOAL: $5000

By sponsoring Student-Focused Programming at NYC Jewelry Week, you will actively encourage and support the inclusion of emerging talent and new ideas in the NYCJW platform. Your sponsorship will enable us to create opportunities for students, whether they come from educational institutions or are self-taught through local schools or in-person or online classes. As a sponsor, your contribution will allow us to showcase new talent and fresh ideas.


GOAL: $5000

Contemporary jewelry is at the core of NYC Jewelry Week. Showcasing contemporary jewelry exhibitions and featuring talented contemporary jewelers is crucial for the growth and comprehension of this field. We invite you to assist us in our mission of supporting contemporary jewelry—its history, significance, and future. With your support, we can ensure the incorporation of contemporary jewelry into the  NYCJW23 platform.


GOAL: $5000

We invite you to support the expansion of women and women-identifying participants and programs in NYCJW23. As an organization led by women, we are committed to supporting and amplifying the voices of women throughout the NYCJW platform. If this cause resonates with you, we welcome your support!


GOAL: $5000

We invite you to support the inclusion of programming at NYCJW23 that emphasizes the social consciousness of the jewelry industry. Whether it’s promoting environmental stewardship, advocating for ethical treatment of workers, prioritizing sustainability in materials, or giving back to the community, Socially Conscious programs hold the community accountable and are vital to our industry’s growth and sustainability. Help us support programs that focus on ethical sourcing, upcycling and recycling, social responsibility, circular economy and conscious consumerism, sustainability, traceability and more within NYCJW23.


GOAL: $5000

NYC Jewelry Week is dedicated to promoting access and fostering foundational equity for underrepresented voices in the industry. By supporting NYCJW23, you contribute to the ongoing efforts aimed at providing affordable access, creating new opportunities, securing funding, and conducting outreach to underserved communities and under-honored voices in the jewelry industry. Join us to ensure programs focused on inclusion, equality, diversity, cultural competency, and/or intersectionality happen at NYCJW23.