If you’ve made it here, it means your program has been accepted into NYC Jewelry Week 2022 and you have confirmed your participation by registering. We are thrilled to have you be a part of our five-year anniversary celebrations!

Each November, the NYC Jewelry Week platform hosts a week-long celebration that invites a global audience to experience the world of jewelry in NYC. Our hybrid program blends in person experiences with virtual engagement and programming. We host the best and brightest in the industry to deliver thought leadership, exhibitions, shopping experiences, retail collaborations, and first-look designer discovery. NYC Jewelry Week is free and open to the public, modernizing the way the world thinks about jewelry by bringing together everyone from the window shopper to the avid collector. This year’s NYC Jewelry Week takes place November 14-20.

Please continue reading to discover everything you need to know about this year’s themes, marketing and promotion, the NYCJW22 timeline and important deadlines. What’s the next step to participating in NJCW22? Submit your program and/or event details by uploading them onto the official online calendar.

2022 Themes: Joy & Human Connection

Whether you are on the side of making or receiving the beauty of jewelry, human connection and the emotional attachment of jewelry brings us joy in times of peril and in prosperity.

What is jewelry if not human connection? From the tangible to the emotional, connection is part of jewelry’s DNA. Missed connections in the jewelry stratosphere do not exist because jewelers connect every day – not just through cold connections and fusing but through the stories that touch hearts and bring us closer to our communities. Let’s not forget the relationships forged between the maker and the wearer.

Human connection can take many forms and the meanings are often subjective and personal, but the pursuit of joy, unity and community is common.

We remind you to consider “human connection” and “joy” as you develop your program and/or event description for sharing with the world.


NYC Jewelry Week 2021 Stats:

Your program and/or event receives guaranteed visibility and promotional
support through our built-in NYC Jewelry Week audience.

Your benefits include:

  • Dedicated IG Story slide on @nycjewelryweek during the NYCJW22 promotional season (September 15 through November 13)
  • Inclusion in an IG Carousel Post on @nycjewelryweek during the NYCJW22 promotional season (September 15 through November 13)
  • NYC Jewelry Week-managed listings and RSVP collection for events
  • Inclusion in the official NYC Jewelry Week 2022 program and events calendar *
  • Program and/or event mention in the NYC Jewelry Week Newsletter during the NYCJW22 promotional season (September 15 through November 13)

NOTE: Supporting events are included on the same listing as the main program and/or event. To purchase separate promotion for a supporting event, do so here on or before October 7, 2022.

Want to receive more visibility for your program and/or event, including promotion of your program or event during NYCJW22? Optional marketing add-ons can be purchased on or before October 7, 2022.

NYC Jewelry Week works in partnership with its PR agency, Optimist Consulting to market and promote NYCJW22 to a global audience.

Important Deadlines

The next step to participate in NJCW22 is uploading your program and/or event details onto the official online calendar. Continue to the next section to learn how to do this.

NYC Jewelry Week strongly encourages all participants to upload their program and/or event information as soon as possible. This gives your program and/or event the fullest access to the marketing options included in your participation fee. The sooner your program and/or event is uploaded, the better we can support you!


You will receive a media kit by September 15. The kit includes a graphic that can be used on social media to announce that your program and/or event has been accepted as part of the official NYCJW22 program.

Virtual programs and/or events must have their information uploaded by September 16.

In-person programs and/or events must have their information uploaded by September 26. We appreciate that your venue may be TBA or that your full roster of participants may still be in the works. Please upload all other details as soon as possible. You may re-enter the upload portal later to add missing details. A partially completed listing is better than no listing!

Coming Soon


The NYCJW22 programming team will contact participants who indicated they need support finding a venue for their in-person program and/or event. Together, you will work collaboratively to secure a venue. In addition to the support provided by NYC Jewelry Week, it is expected that you will continue to conduct your own search for a venue. While our team will make every effort to support your search, NYC Jewelry Week does not guarantee venues.  In the event that we are unable to secure a suitable venue for your program, you may elect to conduct your program virtually or withdraw your participation. The cut off date to withdraw or switch to a virtual presentation is October 7, 2022.


Once the draft Program Schedule is developed by the programming team, a survey will be circulated. On the survey, you will be able to request a preferred time to host your in-person program or event.


Please click the link below to learn exactly what information you will need to supply for your program and/or event. The link will also bring you to the program and/or event upload portal.