Rough Cut is a podcast for jewelers and small business owners in the business of jewelry. Join us for straight talk, honest advice, business insights, trends you should be aware of, special guests, a touch of humor and a whole lot of unsolicited opinions about the jewelry industry, everyone and everything  in it. Hosted by NYC Jewelry Week Co-founder JB Jones and Photographer Alain Simic

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Episode 11 BONUS: Now with Extra Kink!

A little something extra for all of our fans! Join us for a quickie with the incredibly talented and award winning duo behind BOND Hardware! Dana Hurwitz and Mariah Pershasingh talk queer media in this bonus short cut from our original episode featuring these two young visionaries.

Episode 11: What’s Your Kink?

We are getting kinky in this episode of Rough Cut! Join us for a chat with the incredibly talented and award winning duo behind BOND Hardware! Dana Hurwitz and Mariah Pershasingh talk representation, community and sustainable design.

Episode 10: Do the Damned Thing!

We are doing all the things in this episode of Rough Cut! Join us for a chat with NYC Jewelry Week Co-Founder, Bella Neyman, all about NYC Jewelry Week, the how, the why and what you can do to get into it! the Open Call for NYCJW 2022 is up and live so listen to this and then go APPLY HERE.

Episode 9: Failing Our Way to the Top!

Hello, failure! Join us for a chat about how we failed to release this episode in a timely manner, as it was meant to be episode 3, and then we forgot…, and how failure shapes all of our, and your, successes!

NOT AN Episode: A Quick Word…

Hello to all of our lovely and devoted listeners! This is not a new episode of Rough Cut. We felt that in light of the overturning of Roe vs. Wade last Friday, it would be insensitive of us to release a new episode today. Instead, we created a short note for you which you can listen to through out link below. We invite you to donate to Planned Parenthood! Never give up the good fight.

Episode 8: Come one, Come All

Join  us for a chat about community, instagram, selling online and building meaningful, longterm industry relationships with special guest Liz Kantner, jewelry industry marketing expert and Founder of The Stay Gold Collective.

Episode 7: Sex, Rocks and Francophilia

We are feeling committed, sexy and very French in Episode 7 of Rough Cut! Join us for a chat about relationships, monogamy, proposals and of course, all the jewelry accompanying those big moments with Severine Ferrari, Founder of Engagement 101.

Episode 6: It’s All About Image

We serve some serious facts in Episode 6 straight from the expert himself Alain Simic! For jewelers, and young aspiring photographers out there, we talk all things commercial photography. Join us for a conversation on market rates, usage terms, copyright and much more vital information for anyone going to market or selling directly to their consumers. Photographers, this one is for you too!

Episode 5: Coming Correct

Join us for a chat on turning up the volume in your life and business with coach, speaker and creative consultant for the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) our dear friend and comrade, Elliot Carlyle. We chat about all things business, branding and empowering yourself via words of wisdom from our very special guest.

Episode 4: Oh She is Professional Sis!

On this episode we talk some serious professionalism, our grievances, tips and some practical solutions for young entrepreneurs everywhere. We are professionals today, honey!

Episode 3: One and Only

We are calling upon the muses and talking all things creativity with our incredible guest Lorraine West of Lorraine West Jewelry. Join us  for a chat about all things design, creativity, business management and cultivating inspiration with one of our favorite designers in the business today.

Episode 2: I Feel Love

We are feeling nothing but LOVE in our second episode of Rough Cut! Join us for a chat about all of our favorite things in the jewelry business, industry insights and a few of our personal favorite designers and collections: Boucheron, L’ENCHANTEUR, Lorraine West, Linda Hoj, Everything Sacred, Sewit Sium, Alexa Horton, i seira , Loren Nicole, Tess Sholom  and Robert Lee Morris.

Episode 1: The First Cut is the Deepest.

Welcome to Rough Cut! This is our very first episode, in which we introduce ourselves, the podcast, and discuss some of our beefs with the jewelry industry. Buckle in!