In our most recent Letter from the Editor: On the Power of Jewelry, we gave you some insight into the NYCJW 21 theme, The Power of Jewelry, and why it became the permanent theme of Future Heirloom. We also invited you to share your own story of The Power of Jewelry with us. Last week, to kick off our Power of Jewelry features, we asked a few members of the NYCJW team to tell us what The Power of Jewelry means to them.

This week, we’re passing the mic to you, our readers, and sharing some of the submissions we’ve received:

Jewelry has the power to influence the wearer’s emotional psyche, mood and appearance through the physical elements, personal connection to the pieces and in some cases, the history and stories relating to family heirlooms.

For me, the Power of Jewelry lies in its ability to boost one’s level of confidence. Even if you’re not feeling particularly good about yourself, you can instantly elevate your self-esteem and develop a feeling of empowerment by simply adding your favorite piece of jewelry. A social introvert, my preference for bold pieces has been great conversation starters that eventually led to discussions about my jewelry collections.

Cloyette Harris, Twin Elegance Jewelry

More about Cloyette Harris-Stoute: “I’m the face behind Twin Elegance. My jewelry collections are designed to inspire confidence and bold self-expression.  Centered around elements of strength and self-love, and made only from nickel-free,  hypoallergenic materials, my interchangeable aesthetic is infused with heart and pear-shapes and natural gemstones rooted in rich spiritual meaning and timeless history.  A native of Guyana, I am also deeply inspired by tropical and historical elements from her homeland.  With versatility in mind, each piece of jewelry is expertly handcrafted to tell a unique story of an empowered, fashion-forward woman with a flair for elegance and a unique sense of style. In 2020, I merged my twin passions, women empowerment with jewelry designing and launched Twin Elegance.When I’m not designing jewelry, I’m sharing inspiring stories about exceptional women from my country and community on my blogGuyanese Girls Rock!, or leading a mentoring and leadership development program for teen girls through my non-profit, Guyanese Girls Rock Foundation, Inc. The Twin Elegance tagline “Confidence Wrapped in Jewels” is a reminder for women to embrace their inner elegance, be their authentic selves and shine with confidence.” Read more from Cloyette and shop her work here.

For me, jewelry is a legacy. The craft is passed down from generation to generation since thousands of years. And each price of jewelry is passed down from mother to daughter, from father to son. That, for me, is the Power of Jewelry.

It is timeless and in that it’s a piece of history that holds so much meaning: The meaning of the creator, the meaning of the wearer, the meaning of the person looking at it from afar!

Ines Gérard Cuesta

More about Ines Gérard Cuesta: With a background in Contemporary Arts, I am driven by the thought of jewelry being more than just a beautiful object. Each of my designs holds a meaning, a story of its own.
My heritage as a French and Colombian artist inspires my aesthetic, influenced by ancient jewelry making from the Hellenistic and Roman periods, as well as pre-Columbian goldsmithing. See more of Ines work here.

As curators of vintage, antique, and estate jewelry, we deal everyday with pieces that have their own stories to tell. Every piece is imprinted with history; things like fingerprints, engravings, and tiny scratches are proof of a previous life having been lived with the jewelry there to witness it. They remind us that no one leaves this world without touching it in some way.

The Power of Jewelry extends from generation to generation, whether it’s passed down in one family or moves from one family to the next. It’s a picture of humanity’s ability to connect, share, and appreciate what life has to offer.

Jessica Velke, Maejean Vintage

More about Jessica Velke & Maejean Vintage: Jessica Velke is a photographer and digital marketer at Maejean Vintage. Maejean Vintage is an online jewelry store owned by a team of sisters, Laura Mae & Amanda Jean, out of their studio in the heart of downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The online shop offers genuine vintage, antique, and estate jewelry. Visit the shop here.

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Compiled & edited by Jackie Andrews. Text & Images provided by the respective featured applicants: Cloyette Harris, Ines Gérard Cuesta, and Jessica Velke of Maejean Vintage. Power of Jewelry graphic by Grace Owen.