In our most recent Letter from the Editor: On the Power of Jewelry, we gave you some insight into the NYCJW 21 theme, The Power of Jewelry, and why it became the permanent theme of Future Heirloom. We also invited you to share your own story of The Power of Jewelry with us. As we launched the warmup campaign in anticipation of NYC Jewelry Week in November, we wanted to share a more in-depth look at what The Power of Jewelry means to all of us.

So, to kick off our upcoming Power of Jewelry features, we asked a few members of the NYCJW team to tell us
what The Power of Jewelry means to them:

The power of jewelry is that everyone wields it differently. The wearer is the architect of that power and there is no hierarchy.

Bella Neyman, Co-founder of NYC Jewelry Week

Most of the jewelry I own holds a unique story about a relationship in my life. Of course, jewelry has the power to tell a story of who you are and who you’ve been, or where you’re from, where you are now, and where you are going, but what I most appreciate about the power of jewelry, is its ability to tell the story of who you’ve known. Whether it be the person I received or purchased the jewelry from, whether it be family members, friends, or the designers themselves, I am grateful that every time I put on or speak about pieces from my personal collection, I feel a sense of closeness with someone I love and respect.

KIRU, HERE WE ARE Project Coordinator

The objects we covet, imagine, and create tell stories of our past and present, and hint at our vision for new futures. So much power is held in materiality, value, and desire but more salient is the value we ascribe to the valueless. The transcendent power of jewelry lies in its ability to shapeshift, both chemically and in our cultural imagination.

Alexandra Darby, Director of Digital

To me jewelry can be armor, it can be a magic charm, a tangible token that can bring you back in time to a memory just by touching or wearing it. When I wear the necklace my grandma passed down to me I feel safe, I feel whole. When I look down at my hands and run my fingers over my rings, I go back in time to being a kid sitting next to her in church, playing with the gold on her hands- I can remember the warmth of her skin and the way the rings seemed to mold to her skin and her being. Jewelry is beautiful…

Andrea Rosales-Balcarcel, Outreach Coordinator

In celebration of the theme and all that it means, we want to engage you, our readers, directly in an ongoing dialogue about the power jewelry holds in our lives. So today, we are launching a special NYCJW21 campaign designed specifically for Future Heirloom: we invite you to tell us what The Power of Jewelry means to you using the form below; we’ll be sharing some the insights we receive on the blog – Future Heirloom – in the coming weeks.

Power of Jewelry graphic by Grace Owen.