Jewelry is a powerful medium: it sparks conversation, fosters connection, carries personal narrative, tethers us to our heritage and history, and more. The Power of Jewelry, represents not only the 2021 NYC Jewelry Week theme, but the permanent theme of Future Heirloom, our brand new NYCJW blog – there are infinite stories about the Power of Jewelry, and we couldn’t possibly cover them all in one season. Jewelry is for everyone, and we want the Future Heirloom platform to empower our readers to use jewelry to tell their own stories.

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In celebration of the theme and all that it means, we want to engage you, our readers, directly in an ongoing dialogue about the power jewelry holds in our lives. So today, we are launching a special NYCJW21 campaign designed specifically for Future Heirloom: we invite you to tell us what The Power of Jewelry, means to you using the form below; we’ll be sharing some the insights we receive on the blog – Future Heirloom – in the coming weeks.

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