Limited Editions

New York


Born in Vienna, Austria, Stephanie graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna with a degree in product design.
She moved to New York to accept a position at the curatorial department of the Guggenheim Museum, and later held the position of director of the Design Shop at the Neue Galerie New York.

She now works independently in her studio in Harlem, where every piece of her one-of-a-kind porcelain jewelry is made by hand. Enrolled in jewelry making classes at the 92nd Street Y, she is combining her expertise of working with porcelain with the craft of metalsmithing, like chain making and bezel setting.

She finds inspiration for her jewelry in what she likes to call her “memory toolbox”. Memories gathered from her multicultural background, born to an American mother, an opera singer, and a Hungarian father, a chemist. Growing up in Vienna, enjoying the rich cultural heritage of the city, roaming the galleries and museums and always drawing and making things. Remembering the ritual of going through her mother’s jewelry box, the family’s heirlooms still etched in her memory, taking delight in the stories and beauty of things.

Her language of memory expressed through molding the raw porcelain by hand forms into the unique shapes that become her jewelry. It is this tactile process and the elasticity of the porcelain between her fingers, that she finds addictive and deeply satisfying. Adding texture, and applying glazes by painting, pouring or dipping are all part of the process.
The real magic happens during the firing process in the kiln. The porcelain, now fired, is hard and strong, but feels delicate and precious to the touch, a delightful and sensory experience that takes the artist back in time to her grandmother’s brewed coffee served in the most delicate porcelain cup.

The Whitney Museum carries a collection of her handcrafted porcelain rings and bowls designed exclusively for the Whitney Shop. Stephanie was also selected by New York City Jewelry Week as one of the designers to showcase her work at its first NYCJW18 headquarters in Soho, NY.

Andrea Rosales-Balcarcel Taisha Carrington