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Ariana Embirikos

Ariana Embirikos

Embirikos originated from the pursuit of passion at the Rhode Island School of design in 2018 when I chose to ground my career in the deeply personal and intimate medium of jewelry. My vision is to create multilayered meaningful pieces of wearable art. It is my responsibility to ensure that everything I produce is of the highest ethics and quality which is why I chose slow methods of making, I hand source every stone personally, use recycled and responsible sources of material and have partnered with Fairmined Gold.

As part of NYCJW21, my collection will be shown in collaboration with sculptor Mike White at Shamballa Jewels, Soho from November 15 - December 15.

What started as an obsession became a way of life after falling in love with the process of creating art while collecting precious objects both natural and manmade, and studying ancient history, techniques and cultures.

The process of crafting jewelry by hand, especially when drawing on inspiration from ancient techniques is a slow, repetitive and meditative experience. It is something that grounds, but also aligns me with the highest version of myself. Something that takes respectfully but also gives back. A phenomenology that connects me with my ancestors, people in the past, and nature. As time goes on I am gradually experimenting with more ancient and slower techniques such as granulation and hand forging wire. Due to my diverse cultural upbringing, I take inspiration from all over the world, both by observing nature and learning about other cultures and ancient history. My craft is born from the association between these experiences, in a subjective and intuitive practice of creation.

Embirikos jewelry is a microcosm modelled on the macrocosm, which is why the shapes, form and colours in each collection can be found to be present in nature.

As a practice that has given me so much and that is inspired by the natural world, it has always been of the utmost importance to me to be as mindful as possible about the effect my artwork has on the world. This is why Embirikos is in partnership with Fairmined, a company dedicated to the transparency of the gold supply chain, fair pay and conditions. In addition to this, I use recycled silver & gold, and I am careful not to waste raw materials, ensuring I am as ethical and responsible as possible.

Embirikos as a brand is one that emerged out of a desire to challenge the downward pressure of consumerism on the jewelry world, both on the quality of the pieces and people within the industry. Away from quickly-made jewelry, invisible supply chains; low quality and questionable ethics. Quality is ensured through personally handpicking and sourcing the gemstones, using Kimberly certified diamonds, and of course, by meticulously caring for each piece as it passes through my hands.