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Bijou Lakay

Bijou Lakay

When Daphnée Karen Floreal founded Bijou Lakay in 2006 she had a vision: Creating outstanding jewelry from sole natural materials while preserving Haitian manufacturing tradition and supporting local families. Over the past 15 years Bijou Lakay did not only achieve all of these but also transformed the Haitian fashion industry.


Each piece crafted by hand, Bijou Lakay’s jewelry combines contemporary Caribbean design with centuries old art and ancestral production methods, handed down from previous generations.

“I chose bullhorn as main material because it is one of a kind, super lightweight and versatile,” Daphnée explains. “And I wanted to keep the procedure alive that only a handful of Haitian artisans is still familiar with and in possession of the old rudimentary equipment needed to manufacture our jewelry items.”

Bullhorn is one of the most difficult natural materials to work with and these artisans learned from their elders and are bruising and burning their hands every day with a work they dedicated their lives to. The main entrant, bullhorn is repurposed from the food industry to reduce waste. There are no chemicals involved in the process. Just heat and oil turn the horn pieces into shapeable plates and the ready to wear item gets its shine through water polishing only. That’s it! Each Bijou Lakay jewelry item is the result of a complex yet handcraft process from scratch to finish which doesn’t cause any kind of pollution nor create hazardous waste.

Daphnée Floreal’s stunning and unique designs have been part of numerous fashion shows in Haiti and also overseas, like France, USA, Brazilia, Barbados, Suriname, St Marteen, Jamaica, Trinidad, Mexico, Amsterdam, Spain, etc .

Throughout the journey Daphnée Floreal and her brand Bijou Lakay’s stunning designs received recognition by numerous institutions, as Forbes Magazine or IDB.

Bijou Lakay has launched in april 2021, her new collection named Danse Deyes.

Danse Deyes is an ode to the free-spirited queen. It is an anthem of hope and a reminder that all women who are still alive are Goddesses. We should celebrate every day our unicity and our beauty.

This collection was designed, listening to Haitian root music from some artists and groups like Riva Percil, Sara Jane Rameau, Azor and Ram. It is strongly influenced by Haitian and country culture, the layout of certain “veve” and especially Haitian folk dance. Some pieces have emerged from the recycling of pieces from old collections. Others symbolize the contribution of both natural and scientific medicine in our daily fight against covid19.
And finally, some jewels from this collection remain a song of hope for better days. I want every woman wearing the pieces from this collection to feel glamorous and unique. It is a collection of light, gratitude, and transformation.