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Jewelers Vigilance Committee

Jewelers Vigilance Committee

Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) is the jewelry industry's independent legal expert. For more than 100 years, JVC's sole focus has been on helping jewelers build flourishing businesses that operate with the highest levels of integrity and legal and regulatory compliance.

JVC educates and trains jewelry industry members about their rights and responsibilities as business owners, employers, suppliers, designers, manufacturers, marketers, and sellers of jewelry. We are the industry’s legal advocate, liaising with U.S. and international judicial and regulatory bodies on issues that impact everyone’s livelihoods. We act as a mediator to amicably settle jewelry-related disputes without court intervention. We are the industry’s trusted resource when complex questions arise that threaten reputations and revenue.

JVC is committed to the jewelry industry’s success today and tomorrow. Visit our website to learn more about our many services and resources. As a member-supported organization, we hope many more will join us in safeguarding the reputation, integrity, and vitality of our brilliant industry.