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Jewelry Design Professionals Network

Jewelry Design Professionals Network

Jewelry Design Professionals Network (JDPN), a not-for-profit organization founded in 1998, provides an open, accessible and supportive channel through which designers can share ideas, questions and concerns that affect us as artists and as business persons.

Through social and informative meetings, lines of communication are opened, creating the educational, networking and professional opportunities necessary for our members to increase business in a competitive market.

We are jewelry designers, craftspeople, model makers, merchandisers, entrepreneurs, and educators.

Our members are professionals, skilled at cutting-edge technology and old-world craftsmanship, ready to share their experience and expertise to support our community and help its members grow and prosper as artists and as businesspeople.

Member Directory,

Referrals available to legal council (Jewelry industry specialist attorney),

Updated JDPN Website with industry links and information.

Online gallery to self-promote. Includes links to your web page.

Affiliation with the Accessories Council (AC). JDPN members get AC member benefits.

Involvement in industry events, such as trade shows and educational seminars.

Informative Meetings featuring jewelry professionals discussing topics ranging from trends to pricing to copyrighting and more. (non-members welcome for a fee).

Career Forum meetings where jewelry professionals share career knowledge and experiences (non-members welcome for a fee).

Social Meetings - held twice a year at various NYC restaurants - allow members to get to know each other over dinner and drinks. During the Pandemic we host our socials and webinars through Zoom. We hope to resume our in person meetings soon!


Any individual working as an Independent Freelance Designer, a Full-time Staff Designer or a Manufacturing Designer in the areas of Commercial Jewelry Manufacture, Designer Jewelry Manufacture, Fine and/or Costume Jewelry is welcome to join.

Jewelry Professionals in related areas which serve or support the Design Community are invited to join. Membership status and benefits are identical to the Professional Members.

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OUR NEXT WEBINAR: November 16th at 6:30.
A talk by CHARLES LEWTON-BRAIN will discuss why he became a jeweler, the time in Germany, his history in the field and evolution as a goldsmith and educator. The reasons and story of his exploration of metals and process and its results, such as Foldforming and Gold Applications work, and his electroformed Cage Series work are touched on. This is insight into him and his movitations and life experience.