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Kathryn Bowman Studio Art Jewelry

Kathryn Bowman Studio Art Jewelry

Although I’ve traveled the world, the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers near my studio in St. Charles, Missouri, best illustrates the enchanting flow of the beaded creations I craft. The bright colors of New York; the scrolling metalworks of Europe and the brilliant blue skies over the plains of Colorado also manifest into the vibrant floral imagery I make. I create each one with the intention to inspire both the wearer and observer to protect the resources of our miraculous planet while also deeply appreciating its beauty. World travel and the places I’ve lived has had a profound effect on my art jewelry.

My work strikes both a purposeful balance with metal and woven glass while combining solidity, variety of texture and joyous color into each piece. After years of perfecting my own unique bead weaving techniques, I taught my methods, for two decades, to other makers at classes all over the US. Always an eternal student myself, I’ve expanded my own skills by studying with a number of respected master metal artists.

I show my work exclusively online through my website, a juried member of Artful Home, and various online Art Shows, currently CraftBoston Holiday. Click through to my Contact Page to inquire about adding my jewelry to your gallery or high-end boutique collection. If my creations appeal to you, find out more by clicking the Jewelry Boutique on my website, which is always open.
Thank you for stopping by and enjoy a journey into my magical world of beaded flowers.