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Maïté Jewelry

Maïté Jewelry

I make contemporary art jewelry under the name Maïté Jewelry.
I am inspired by beauty, sculpture and drawing because of the never-ending possibilities. Metal does not always allow to be in a directly evolving movement as imagination does, metal is solid but once heated to the right temperature can be formed into what it lets us make of it. My body ornaments are inspired from Colombia, the country I was born in.
As I am adopted, jewelry has always been a way to connect with my unkown past and its secrets.
Questionning the past and the future led me to find a way to shield me off from the outside that has not been easy to cope with as a child in a foreign culture. So this is how my body ornaments lay between armours and body embalishment to serve as beautiful soul and body defender.
I believe we all need to protect ourself in one way or the other so my pieces accompany the wearer in his particularity, as jewelry, body ornaments and art objects.
Some of my pieces are unique and others will only be available in one size. The start of every creation always begins with a story and a theme to give sense and life to my creations so that they can represent armours and statements.

I am fascinated to discover the process of life, how we respond when life gets challenging, wether mentally or physically, just like these past two years were for everyone and everywhere on the planet. For me, life has evolved towards finding balance between body, mind and soul, like working out or reflecting alone, to know how to feel and what to do after different events that may occur, or in the creation of pieces. Whatever I do is about feeding the inner process and maintaining the balance in life.
My work is my own reminder of why I do what I do : it guides me in discovering living my life with a conscious mindset and lifestyle.
To me life is about finding and living your true self and sharing your gifts in a positive way.

The artisan that became artist

To find your soul create your life

Upcoming Exhibition
Presentation of my Ashanti Jewelry @ De Mains De Maîtres 2021 Luxembourg / November 20th – 28th