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Marie Wolf Jewels

Marie Wolf Jewels

Marie Wolf was born and raised in Vienna, Austria and moved to Tokyo in her late teens to study Japanese. During her studies, she traveled extensively in the Far East.
She currently resides in Milan, Italy.
One of her most recent work is “Light, Light shows” - a collection of sculptural neckpieces in fluorescent colors: they create the illusion of a light show that moves with the body, generating beams of light and immersing the wearer in a colored glow.

With these neckpieces Marie aims to explore a multi-sensory interactive wearing experience: visual, tactile and vestibular.

The creative process started by experimenting with acrylic rods, producing abstract structures, bending and finishing them by hand into shapes that would adapt to different bodies.
The result is a collection of large sculptural neckpieces in fluorescent colors.
It consists of configurations of single or multiple plexiglass rods, executed in a palette of hues including red, blue, green, pink, orange, purple and yellow.

Several of the pieces are arranged around the neck, generating a single dynamic sculpture that adjusts to the movements of the wearer, leaving traces of fluorescent light and shadows on the skin. They are big in size, but light in weight. Composition of skin and body shape influence the way they look and behave. The pieces interact with their wearer and are never the same.
Here, as in most of her work she has used materials that she finds in everyday life. She sees beauty everywhere around her and finds satisfaction in using objects or materials that others overlook.