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Rachel Shimpock

Rachel Shimpock

Eat it or wear it? We say...both!

Rachel Is a Contemporary Art Jeweler and Metalsmith hand crafting each piece in her Long Beach, California studio. It’s real food plated with science and copper then color is added with gold and glass enamel (using a chemical bath, electricity and fire!) Remember bronze baby shoes? It’s like that but mega-awesome! It takes several hours, sometimes days to plate each piece and the results are not guaranteed.

Don’t you love a gamble? Rachel does too!

One of a kind jewelry pieces are created to transport to specific food moments spanning from the everyday to the ultimate celebration. Memories are preserved and connect to others by creating permanent artifacts with food. Even something as simple as a slice of bread can hold much value, especially with a side of gold tater chips!

Follow her new project online and on instagram @passdowntheplate
Share your food story, share ours...then wear it!
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