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Serena Van Rensselaer Jewelry

Serena Van Rensselaer Jewelry

Serena’s intrigue with jewelry began as a young girl, when she used to visit her grandmother and her namesake, Serena. The elder Serena was an extremely talented painter who loved all forms of art. But it was her collection of jewelry that captivated Serena, for she had pieces from around the world, and each piece had a story behind it.
Serena grew up in New Jersey, and went on to study Art History and Cultural Anthropology, before re-visiting her childhood passion of jewelry design in San Miguel D’Allende, Mexico. It was there that she took her first metal class, and fell in love with the creative process. She worked, studied and traveled to Europe and the Caribbean, honing her skills as a metal smith.
Serena lived for years in St. Thomas and St. John where she co-owned a gallery.
In 1999, she moved to New York City, settled in the East Village, and then Harlem. She had a jewelry gallery/studio in the East Village, and was in a showroom that sold her collections internationally.
She escaped city life for about 5 years, and moved upstate to Woodstock where she had a gallery and a studio.
Presently she lives in Brooklyn and Hampton Bays, and maintains a studio in each place.

Serena is pleased to announce that she has collaborated with the Société de Gestion et d’Exploitation des Droits Dérivés de l’Œuvre d’Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (SOGEX), the licensor for all rights in and to Le Petit Prince® to launch a jewelry collection inspired by the beautiful art work created by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in his enchanting book, Le Petit Prince.
The seed for the collaboration between Le Petit Prince® x Serena Van Rensselaer Jewelry was planted many moons ago. As a young designer, Serena sketched a jewelry collection inspired by her cherished memories of the beloved book Le Petit Prince.
In 2021, the stars aligned to create a magical opportunity for her to bring her designs to life.

The premiere collection called “Étoile” showcases the signature star shape from the book in various earrings and pendants crafted in silver, gold and gold with diamonds. The follow-up collection available in Winter ’21 expands the Étoile designs into cufflinks and rings and adds three pendants with classic quotes from Le Petit Prince.
This is a long term collaboration and new designs will be introduced every few months.
A portion of all sales from Le Petit Prince® x Serena Van Rensselaer Jewelry Collection will go to Read Alliance.
Read Alliance works to accelerate the educational trajectory of early elementary students through the power of teens who provide one-to-one literacy tutoring in under-resourced communities.