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Susan Crow Studio

Susan Crow Studio

Susan Crow Studio Fine Jewelry

The Susan Crow Studio collection is a socially responsible brand of luxury jewelry and a culmination of designer Susan Crow’s deep connection to design and core belief that we need to preserve and restore our environment, not take away from it.

Susan’s attraction to industrial simplicity, mechanically and aesthetically, with their symbiotic relationship is evident in her unadulterated love for design, minimalism and luxury. She strives to bring transparency, sustainability and design into her jewelry by using Fairmined gold, reused diamonds and responsibly sourced gemstones.
In 2013 she joined a consortium of 23 US jewelers in supporting the Fairmined certification standards. They were the first in history to bring traceable, responsible, artisanal mined gold int the US market.
The consortium worked directly with mining communities in Peru, partnering with The Alliance for Responsible Sourcing to introduce Fairmined gold to the U.S.

“Solidarity with every person in my supply chain is my passion and direction – we are all equal and equity is woven into the essence of my work. People truly want jewelry that is aesthetically beautiful and ethically produced.”