NOVEMBER 13 – 19, 2023

This November 13 – 19, NYC Jewelry Week presents NYCJW23, a week-long celebration of jewelry, online and in-person, around the theme (ICON)ography: Past, Present, Future. Join us as we celebrate the individuals, brands, designs, and stories that have shaped, and continue to shape, the culture of jewelry.

NYC Jewelry Week is an annual week-long celebration that invites a global audience to experience the world of jewelry in NYC and beyond. Our hybrid program blends in person experiences with virtual programs on YouTube, as we invite the best and brightest in the jewelry industry to create exhibitions, shopping experiences, retail collaborations, panel discussions and one-of-a-kind, unforgettable jewelry moments.

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We believe that everyone has a relationship to jewelry, and our platform was founded to promote a love of all things jewelry. From the admirers and adorners, to the trendsetters and trailblazers, to the collectors and creators, to the brands and businesses, and everyone in between — whatever you love about jewelry, we’re here to feed your curiosity. Start with our DISCOVER page where we bring together exciting jewelry talent from all around the world!


Exhibitionist is a online platform featuring the work of six exceptional jewelers from around the world.
Exhibitionist provides a unique opportunity to explore the innovative work of these artists during a period of global contemplation. Each jeweler has shared their thoughts on five specific aspects of their craft, offering unexpected insights into their work. Through these insights, they construct a narrative that delves into their sources of inspiration, personal backgrounds, connections with communities, and their professional journey in jewelry-making.


Opulent, Organic, and a Touch Off-Kilter: The Beautiful World of Presley Oldham

NYC Jewelry Week is proud to partner with The RealReal to celebrate the launc …

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Viviana Langhoff: Defining Success

NYC Jewelry Week is proud to partner with Viviana Langhoff on the release of …

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Visions for the Future: Kassandra Lauren Gordon

 “Imagine strolling down the cobbled streets of London or the bustling …

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Nichka Marobin, the Italian curator and art historian, painting the town RED

by Eleonora Varotto For NYCJW23, curator and art historian Nichka Marobin wil …

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Angely Martinez: Five Years in the Life of a Future Icon

Today we share an interview between Angely Martinez and Lorraine West. We ask …

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The Iconic Shaun Leane: A Glimpse into His Inspirational World

As a highlight of NYCJW21, our virtual audience was treated with an ovation-w …

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