NOVEMBER 14 – 20, 2022

A cultural platform dedicated to the celebration of jewelry.

NYC Jewelry Week is a cultural platform dedicated to the celebration of jewelry. We deliver jewelry culture directly to you via insider access to the world of jewelry, offering exciting opportunities to engage, discover, and shop, culminating in our annual jewelry week each November, all in support of our mission — jewelry for all.



We believe that everyone has a relationship to jewelry, and our platform was founded to promote this shared love of all things jewelry. From the admirers and adorners, to the trendsetters and trailblazers, to the collectors and creators, to the brands and businesses, and everyone in between — whatever you love about jewelry, we’re here to feed your curiosity. From our DISCOVER page teeming with new jewelry waiting to be discovered, to our blog featuring insider stories and our podcast supporting small business – there is always something new to EXPLORE!


Each November we host our annual jewelry week, a week-long celebration that invites a global audience to experience the world of jewelry. Our annual jewelry week is free and open to the public, modernizing the way the world thinks about jewelry by bringing together everyone from the window shopper, to the avid collector. This year’s NYC Jewelry Week will take place November 14-2o, 2022.


NYC Jewelry Week is a values-driven platform and organization committed to modernizing the jewelry industry by building bridges between audience and industry, providing access to opportunities for makers and entrepreneurs, passing the mic to diverse voices, and building a stronger community together. Our commitment to that mission is guided by our seven core values: authenticity, equity, education, inclusivity, sustainability, democracy, and joy.


We invite you to propose a broad spectrum of programs that contribute to the culture of jewelry, such as exhibitions, experiences or thought leadership, to name a few. We show preference to programs and events that encourage industry and consumer interaction with contemporary, cultural, artistic and critical ideas. Let’s engage, challenge and excite our community from maker to wearer and back again!