JOIN US: NOVEMBER 18 – 24, 2024

NYC Jewelry Week is a cultural platform dedicated to the celebration of jewelry. We are a hybrid hub, delivering jewelry culture directly to our audience through content, events, strategic initiatives, and an annual jewelry week, in support of our mission — jewelry for all.

Want to learn how to be a more conscious consumer? Or discover your new favorite designer? We provide our community with insider access to the world of jewelry, offering exciting opportunities throughout the year to engage, discover, and shop culminating in our annual jewelry week each November.

We believe that everyone has a relationship to jewelry, and our platform was founded to promote this shared love of all things jewelry. From the admirers and adorners, to the trendsetters and trailblazers, to the collectors and creators, to the brands and businesses, and everyone in between — whatever you love about jewelry, the NYCJW platform is here to feed your curiosity.

This year’s annual NYC Jewelry Week runs November 18-24, 2024. Explore our website to see what else we are up to throughout the year.