Today we share an interview between Angely Martinez and Lorraine West. We asked the iconic New York duo to sit down together to discuss Angely’s achievements, including her recent NYC Jewelry Week HERE WE ARE Exhibition Award, and her preparations for the upcoming 5th-anniversary exhibition at NYCJW 2023, celebrating five years in design.

The Exhibition

Lorraine West: It’s always a pleasure to speak with you. Congratulations on your 2023 NYCJW Exhibition Award. I had the honor of receiving the 2020 Inaugural Exhibition Award in which my team and I showcased a virtual online retrospective called Glimpse inspired by 20 years of my work.  You’re celebrating 5 years as a professional jewelry designer. What’s your design ethos?  What inspired you to put this show together?

Angely Martinez: Thank you so much, Lorraine! I’ve been thinking about creating an exhibition for several years now. The inspiration to create the show came to me after attending the NYCJW presentation from Third Crown, the 2022 Exhibition Award Recipients. 

Jewelry by Angely Martinez, Top Photos by Erica Genece, Bottom photo by Alain Simic

I started my career using alternative materials and found objects, and I have slowly progressed into fine jewelry. Now I utilize gold, diamonds and precious colored gemstones. I wanted to celebrate and share the evolution of my work to inspire the next generation to think outside the box.  I create what I want about what speaks to me.

The Process

LW: You go…love that.  I’ve seen your robust and enchanting archive of work. What was the process of selecting the final pieces for your upcoming exhibition?

AM: I chose the pieces that showcased my foundation and my range as a designer.  People are familiar with my recent work, fine jewelry, however I’ve worked in a multitude of materials. I started my career working with glass, vinyl, resin, wood, acrylic and sterling silver. The process of selecting the final pieces consisted of laying out the entire archive and grouping them into themes. Through that process, I realized how strong the themes of nature and fantasy were in my work, both in past and present work. That realization helped me recognize a consistent vision and design ethos throughout my body of work, regardless of the materials I use, whether they are considered low or high.

The Path

LW: Fantastic!  In the last four years I’ve known you, I’ve witnessed your growth as a designer and business owner.  Since you’re celebrating five years, give us five of your biggest takeaways since you’ve been in business?

AM: My five biggest takeaways are: always take care of your health first. A burnt-out artist life is not a life you want to live. Take your time to develop your work. Pace yourself, nothing happens overnight.  Operations, planning and budgeting is important to keep your business moving forward. Enjoy the journey!

The Future

LW: What’s on the horizon for you next?

AM:  Expand my fine jewelry collections and object collections.  Surprises are in store…stay tuned.

LW: It’s been an honor to support you in your process of developing your upcoming show. I’m excited to see it in person on November 14th.  I wish you continued success and breakthroughs. 

AM: Thank you, Lorraine. You’re the best! 

We invite you to join us at NYC Jewelry Week 2023 for Angely Martinez, An Exhibition of Five Years of Jewelry Design, A One-Day Exhibition & Celebration celebrating the rising star of jeweler Angely Martinez as we look back on her five years in the business. More info and RSVP here.