Chinese designer maker Xinyi Chen graduated from Central Saint Martins, founder of EÈ CHAN. She creates wearable fashion pieces that wander the physical and digital boundaries, exploring a new way of living in phygital awe and pleasure.

Since 2016 Xinyi Chen has been experimenting with and redefining the use of electronic components as the gemstone to make jewellery. She has achieved several group exhibitions in the UK, Europe, China and the winner of Bright Young Gems as Sustainable Eco-Heroes.

Acting within a broader context of sustainability and the younger generation's awareness of electronic waste, the Data Garden Collection spread optimism with colours, digital spirituality, nature elements and 'Artificial intelligems' details that enhance the mood that evoke joy on the screen and body.

'We are living in an age of waste,' says Xinyi. 'I hope people could return to this Earth’s reality from the virtual, rethinking what it means to live in this rapidly changing world and reflect upon the essentials of who they are.'