Today we delve into “Romancing New York Part 1: The Dream Makers”, the first release in a three-part documentary project created by Severine Ferrari of Engagement 101. Part 1 of the series shares the beginning of Severine’s journey in sharing and exploring the unique allure of love and jewelry in the Big Apple, with the stories from “The Dream Makers” – the jewelers of NYC!

Rings from Greenwich St. Jewelers

A City of Romance

New York City, known for its vibrant culture and iconic landmarks, is also a city of romance. “This is my love letter to New York City. I wanted to explore why New York is such a romantic city” says Severine of the documentary.

Being the Founder of Engagement 101, one of the top influencer sites for all things engagement, Severine is no stranger to love stories and their relationship to jewelry. She wanted “Romancing New York” to focus on the unique and intimate relationship between the couple, the jeweler, the engagement ring and New York City. She featured some of the most prominent names in jewelry in NYC and “chatted about love, relationships, New Yorkers, jewelry!”

“The Dream Makers” features some of our favorite New York-based NYC Jewelry Week alumni, including Julie Lamb, Bario Neal, Greenwich St. Jewelers, Marla Aaron, and more! Julie Lamb shares rings from her engagement ring collection inspired by New York City, a collection that was featured in NYCJW 2022.. “Each ring picks up details from an iconic [NYC] landmark,” says Lamb of the collection.

Inspired by Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty and the like, Julie’s unique collection offers couples a literal way to connect NYC to their love story, and allows Julie a way to honor the city she calls home. 

Rings from Julie Lamb’s NYC inspired ring collection

The New York Vibe

New York is a place where authenticity thrives and diverse forms of love are not just accepted, but celebrated. The city’s rich history,has paved the way for a more inclusive and diverse love landscape.

Jennifer Gandia, Co-owner of Greenwich St. Jewelers, shares her insights into the love stories that come through their Tribeca shop. She shares: “New York is a place people come to live their authentic lives. You can love as you want to love…”

Greenwich St. Jewelers stands out in NYC for its stunning jewelry selection. Couples collaborate with the staff to create a custom ring that reflects their unique love story.

Interior of Greenwich St. Jewelers in Tribeca, New York

The Future of Love and Jewelry

“Romancing New York” marks the first step in Engagement 101’s exploration of the deep connection between jewelry, love, and the city.

Behind the scenes of shooting “Romancing New York” at Marla Aaron‘s 47th St. Office and Showroom

New York’s rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse community make it a city of romance. And a haven for jewelry enthusiasts! From 5th Avenue to Brooklyn, Tribeca to 47th Street, the jewelry and love stories run deep in Severine’s ode to love in NYC. The stories run wide, too – beyond just jewelry! Are you curious what Marla Aaron’s favorite romantic comedy set in NYC is? Watch to find out. 

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