As we gear up for NYC Jewelry Week 2023, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on this year’s theme: [ICON]ography: Past, Present, Future. Join us for a dive into the legacies of the brilliant icons and trailblazers from the past five years of NYCJW. We’re celebrating their contributions to the world of jewelry!

Stay tuned as we navigate five years of NYC Jewelry Week, uncovering stories, inspirations, and jaw-dropping narratives. Let the bling-filled adventures begin! Now, let’s talk about our first throw-back conversation! In May 2021, Jill Newman, the esteemed editor and jewelry guru, sat down for a chat with the renowned British jeweler, Glenn Spiro.

This post offers you a sneak peek into the highlights of their discussion. For the full conversation, head over to our YouTube channel. You can immerse yourself in the glamour of the jewelry world with Jill and Glenn. It’s here that you’ll get a front-row seat to Glenn’s audacious career and his knack for conjuring one-of-a-kind creations. You’ll also hear his thoughts on how the high-end jewelry landscape keeps evolving. It’s a jewelry lover’s dream come true!

Glenn Spiro’s Unconventional Path

Glenn Spiro’s journey in the jewelry industry began on the bustling streets of London. He embarked on an apprenticeship, honing his skills under the guidance of skilled craftsmen. At the age of 21, he took a bold step by establishing his own jewelry workshop, where his unconventional and distinctive approach to jewelry design began to gain recognition.

A Transformative Opportunity

In 1992, Glenn Spiro’s career took an unexpected turn when he was entrusted with the task of launching Christie’s auction house in Los Angeles. Under his leadership, Christie’s not only found success in LA but also hosted groundbreaking jewelry auctions, previously unheard of in California.

International Recognition

Spiro’s growing reputation led to the establishment of private offices in London and Geneva, attracting collectors and clients from around the world. His audacious move to acquire a historic building, once owned by the Hartnell family, further solidified his place in the industry. This stylish space now serves as a showcase for his enchanting creations.

Captivating Stories of Gems

The conversation also delved into captivating stories of remarkable stones and diamonds. One particularly enchanting tale involved the acquisition of a 27-carat fancy color pink diamond known as the Skylar Rose. This stone found its way into the hands of Glenn Spiro’s best friend, adding an extra layer of joy to the jewelry business.

The Enchanting Zebra Agate Ring

Jill Newman’s favorite ring, an exquisite zebra agate creation, took center stage during the interview. Crafted with old zebra agate stones, this unique piece has a fascinating origin story. It features two intricately cut old zebra agates totaling about five carats and is set in rose gold, radiating an elegant and chic aura.

Spiro’s Unique Creations

Despite some technical hiccups during the discussion, the interview showcased Spiro’s remarkable jewelry creations. From a bronze and red gold ring with a brown kite-cut diamond to leaf brooches set in titanium, the pieces by Glenn Spiro exemplify his daring and innovative approach to jewelry design.

A Lesson in Boldness

Throughout the conversation, Glenn Spiro’s approach to jewelry design was characterized by a sense of boldness and unpredictability. Unlike jewelers who follow regimented styles, Spiro’s creations vary widely, reflecting his ever-changing mood and inspiration. He emphasized the importance of creating pieces that feel right in the moment.

The Future of High Jewelry

The interview also touched upon the evolving taste in high jewelry. Spiro believes that larger stones and bolder jewelry are currently on the rise. Perhaps as people seek joy and a sense of collecting in their jewelry choices. He highlighted the importance of celebrating exceptional gemstones in contemporary and wearable styles.

Glenn Spiro’s journey in high jewelry is a testament to audacity, creativity, and a deep appreciation for unique stones. In this insightful conversation with Jill Newman, Glenn Spiro’s unique jewelry design approach continues to inspire the high-end jewelry world. You can explore more by watching the full interview on YouTube and discovering ore Glenn Spiro.

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