On Future Heirloom, the Power of Jewelry is central: we want to celebrate jewelry and jewelry stories in all forms—including the infinite, unique ways jewelry is worn, and what that says about the wearer. Today, we’re kicking off a new series on exactly that: How They Wear It. How They Wear It will spotlight people from around the globe, of diverse professions and backgrounds, and talk to them about how they use jewelry to express themselves.

Our debut How They Wear It features Suchi Reddy, an Indian architect and artist based in New York. We talked to Suchi about her jewelry collecting habits, what she looks for in an accessory, what pieces are most special to her, and more. Explore the world of jewelry with us.

Future Heirloom: Who are you?
Suchi Reddy: I am Suchi Reddy, I’m an architect /artist originally from Chennai, India, but now a long time New Yorker.

FH: When did you start wearing and collecting jewelry?
I am a tale of paradoxes. Growing up in India, where jewelry is not just an obsession, but a heritage, I was not into it at all, except for appreciating it aesthetically.
Its position as a status symbol in our culture was not one that I really wanted to engage with. In fact, I did not wear much jewelry until I was in my thirties, and a practicing architect here in New York. I began collecting jewelry, but this time around it was my love of innovative materials that drove me to find and wear unique pieces.

FH: How do you wear your jewelry?
I have been told that I dress like an architect and accessorize like a designer! I wear my jewelry usually as the star of the show.

FH: Who is your greatest jewelry or style inspiration?
That is a tough question, I have so many… if I had to pick one I would return to my traditional roots: there is a Bollywood film called “Jodhaa Akbar,” about the most famous inter-religious marriage in Indian history, hen Emperor Akbar, a Muslim, married Princess Jodhaa, a Hindu. The jewelry in this film is exquisite!

FH: What are your go-to jewelry brands?
Objet-a, a New York City-based brand By Tom Dunn and Olivier Pechou, is one of my go-to’s. I also love Pono.

FH: Do you see any trends that people should be aware of?
In recent years, I have been impressed with how many men wear jewelry, especially bracelets. I think this is a huge trend.

FH: What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
It is a necklace of black stones that I found in a vintage shop in Wisconsin many years ago.

FH: Any sentimental pieces / most memorable piece of jewelry?
Anything my mother gave me has a special place in my heart and life, especially a chain of black and gold beads that she gave me.

Thanks to Suchi Reddy for sharing How She Wears It. Connect with Suchi and her company Reddymade Architecture and Design here.

Text, quotes, and images provided by Suchi Reddy, edited by Jackie Andrews and JB Jones.