JOIN US: NOVEMBER 13 – 19, 2023

We look forward to welcoming you to NYC Jewelry Week 2023! Attending NYCJW is easy, but we’re guessing you might have questions, so we hope this helps:

  • The 2023 Event Schedule is live HERE. NYCJW is open to all, both in-person and virtually. Browse the events on our Event Schedule, RSVP or purchase tickets and you are all set!
  • Some of our events require an RSVP, but not all of them. As you browse the Event Schedule, you will see which do and which don’t!
  • While most of our events are free, some require tickets.
  • NYCJW events run every day Monday, November 13 – Sunday, November 19, 2023. The event times vary and events can start as early as 7am and end at midnight.
  • NYCJW takes place all across NYC, Brooklyn and online. There is not a central location to experience all the events of NYCJW. You can find the locations of all the events on our Events Schedule. There is a Map icon at the top of each day on the Event Schedule, click that to browse with the Map.
  • Online events can be viewed on our Official NYCJW YouTube page. The online events will be listed on the Events Schedule once it drops here on our website. Subscribe to our YouTube page to get alerts when new events drop!
  • New events are added to the Event Schedule up until NYCJW starts! So check back often. The best way to be alerted when new events are added is to join our mailing list. Join the mailing list here!
  • We invite you to discover something new during NYCJW23 and we hope to see you soon!