One of our primary goals on Future Heirloom is to uplift emerging makers and brands who are transforming the jewelry world and making lasting impacts on our community. This week, we’re back with another exclusive peek into a new collection by another of our favorite brands and makers: the incomparable Dominique Reneé (she/her). Get a look at Dominique’s new collection, Love Jones, and read our interview with her below.

Before we dive in, Dominique introduces herself below:

Dominique Reneé

“Born and raised in Connecticut, but now based in LA, I grew up in an environment where creativity and individuality were strongly encouraged. At a young age I discovered that I had a love for music and art, and that I wanted to create. After high school I decided to go to college for Graphic Design, but soon after concluded that my heart wasn’t in it. My dreams of being a designer were stifled only by the feeling that I might not have what it took. When my nails started to turn heads everywhere I went, I realized it was time to go for it. What did I have to lose?
I started designing my own nails because I couldn’t find salons that were able to do what I wanted done. It is not exactly how I thought I would get started, I just kind of fell into it, but I am passionate about it. Nails, for me, had become my most important accessory when putting an outfit together. We ALL know how important accessories are. With that in mind I decided to acquire my certification in Nail Technology, and to develop my own line of hand painted nails. After premiering my first couple nail collections, I expanded my line to offer other handmade accessories.
Although I have chosen a career in design, music still plays a huge part in my life. I carefully curate a playlist for each collection that helps to set the mood, and to communicate my feelings and the message behind each piece.
Dominique Reneé is a sassy exploration of life, love and loss; that is produced from a playlist of emotions.”

Dominique Reneé
Dominique in the Fantasy Love Earrings from the Love Jones Collection.

Future Heirloom: Tell us, why jewelry? 
Dominique Reneé: I choose to design jewelry because it offers me the chance to explore and express myself, while encouraging others to do the same. Creating jewelry allows me to impact fashion and people positively and offers opportunities that are endless. You can wear it with any and everything. Wear it as individual pieces, multiple, or layered. Jewelry is also a great medium for storytelling, something that I have always been into. My pieces tell a story while allowing my imagination the freedom to run wild!

FH: What does the Power of Jewelry mean to you and your practice?
DR: Both the wearer and the observer embody the power of jewelry. Whether it is empowerment one feels by wearing it or the camaraderie of life experiences one feels upon observing it, the power of jewelry is undeniable.

Dominique in the Dum Dum for Love series from the Love Jones Collection.

FH:  What’s the most important part of your creative process?
DR: The most important part of my creative process is being in touch and in tune with my own thoughts and feelings and being able to transfer those emotions into 3D. This process includes: Creating a playlist that speaks to the messages I am trying to communicate, Listening to the music repeatedly, Sketching the pictures that develop in my mind, and then Producing the digital files necessary to move those images from my sketchpad to 3D without losing their intended meaning. This process allows me to create pieces that are as authentic and real as possible.

Dominique in the Dying 4 Your Love Earrings from the Love Jones Collection.

FH: What stories are you telling in your work? 
DR: I tell stories of love, heartbreak, loss, fear, triumph and everything in between. My latest collection, titled “Love Jones” explores my own experience with love. It is the first installment of a trilogy that begins by exploring an obsessive need to be loved. That is followed by fixating on someone who seems to be perfect in almost every way possible, (despite many red flags.) And then, as time goes on, realizing they are emotionally unavailable, and that I should just move on.
But, will I? (dun da dun dunnnn…)

Promotional video for Love Jones by Dominique Reneé.

FH: Describe a favorite piece of jewelry from your collection.
To describe a favorite piece of my jewelry is hard because I’m obsessed with ALL the pieces from Love Jones! If I could only choose ONE I would say my Sucka 4 Love Earrings. They were brought to life by the Danity Kane song (Sucka for Love) and are blow pops that read “”LOVE””. Essentially, they speak to being a person who just loves, “”LOVE,”” at times even to a fault.”

FH: What do you want your wearer or viewer to “feel”?
While Love Jones, and every other collection I’ve ever designed, has been inspired by my own story, each wearer has a story it relates to. I want my wearer or viewer to feel empowered, to feel strong and to connect with how the pieces relate to their individual story! That unique connection to Dominique Reneé should make each wearer feel as if the jewelry was designed just for them and while wearing it, feel like their best self.

Shop the full Love Jones Collection and see more of Dominique’s work on her website. You can follow Dominique Reneé on Instagram @dominiquerenee.

Thanks to Dominique Reneé for talking with us about her brand and practice, and for sharing a first look at her new collection, Love Jones with us. Images, video and text provided by Dominique Reneé. Interview edited and compiled by Future Heirloom Editor Jackie Andrews.