The Interlocking Aurora Ring by Shaun Leane

As a highlight of NYCJW21, our virtual audience was treated with an ovation-worthy conversation between Shaun Leane and Paul Redmayne. The insightful discussion showcased the exceptional talents of the renowned Shaun Leane. Now, in 2023, we revisit this fantastic conversation as part of NYCJW23’s theme: ICON[ography]: Past, Present, Future. Join us in celebrating the icons and the inspiration that emerged from this engaging dialogue!

A Journey into the World of Shaun Leane

The conversation begins with Paul and Shaun speaking about his early days and influences as a jewelry designer. Shaun, who is well-known for his groundbreaking work with the late fashion legend Alexander McQueen, shares how he was introduced to the world of jewelry as a young apprentice in London. His journey into crafting exquisite jewelry started in the traditional world of goldsmithing, where precision and craftsmanship were paramount. This classical foundation laid the groundwork for his future iconic creations.

The Synergy of Art and Craftsmanship

The synergy between art and craftsmanship played a central theme in Shaun’s career. Shaun describes how working with McQueen opened new doors for his creativity; sharing how combining the traditional craft of goldsmithing with McQueen’s avant-garde vision allowed them to challenge conventions and create unique pieces of art. Craftsmanship and the ability to merge traditional techniques with innovative design is a key element to how Shaun formed his career path.

The Beauty of Nature

One of the recurring motifs in Shaun Leane’s work is the influence of nature. Shaun deep connection to nature and its contrasting elements—fragility and strength—are a prominent theme in his jewelry designs. In the online conversation, he shares a poignant childhood memory involving a stag’s head and its impact on his artistic journey – how it helped highlight the duality of nature and the delicate balance between vulnerability and power.

Empowerment Through Design

Shaun Leane’s work is unapologetic and empowering. He has the ability to create statement pieces that resonate with wearers on a personal level. Whether it’s the iconic tusk earrings, the cherry blossom cuffs, or the intricate quill choker, Shaun’s jewelry has the power to evoke emotions and ignite individuality.

The Evolution of Shaun Leane’s Work

We were grateful for this fantastic chance to get a peek into the world of jewelry icon Shaun Leane and learn about his evolution as a designer. Thank you to Shaun Leane and Paul Redmayne.

Now, in 2023, we’re revisiting this conversation as part of NYCJW’s “Icons” theme, showing how the insights from the original event stand the test of time. Shaun Leane’s journey, which mixes craft, art, and nature into jewelry that’s empowering and iconic, keeps on captivating and motivating creators and jewelry fans worldwide.

For the full chat, you can check it out on YouTube and enjoy all the great moments.

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