We believe in jewelry for all!

NYC Jewelry Week is a values-driven platform and organization committed to modernizing the jewelry industry by building bridges between audience and industry, providing access to opportunities for makers and entrepreneurs, passing the mic to diverse voices, and building a stronger community together. We believe that jewelry is for everyone and it is essential that our platform reflect that belief.

The NYCJW platform supports all facets of the jewelry landscape from our audience of jewelry lovers and adorners, to the independent creators, makers, and curators, to the heritage houses and legacy brands, to the historians and institutions, to the stylists and influencers by providing innovative and educational programming, and strategic initiatives supporting growth and development within and outside of the industry.

Our commitment to our mission, jewelry for all,  is guided by our seven core values: authenticity, equity, education, inclusivity, sustainability, democracy, and joy.


NYC Jewelry Week was founded in response to the inauthentic spaces within the industry that we had navigated in the past. Our goal is to build a new space through our platform, that allows everyone to participate in jewelry from a place of authenticity, to be themselves, to be real, and to be supported in that authentic space.


NYC Jewelry Week is committed to equity as a guiding principle. It is essential to the success of our platform, it is essential for the longevity of our community, and it is the bar we set for all the places and spaces which we inhabit. We embrace the knowledge that equity is a process, and are committed to putting in the work for our community. We must work together to address equity in the industry, and believe as a platform and an organization we must lead conversations, and push boundaries to achieve our goals. We are gatherers, and we are leaders, and we know that together, we are stronger.


NYC Jewelry Week is dedicated to the education of our audience and industry alike. Our platform provides multi-directional learning opportunities through public programming for our global audience, and growth initiatives aimed at emerging designers. We provide our audience with opportunities for exploration, and exposure to new voices, helping to grow our community and broaden their understanding of jewelry. We want to bridge the gap between industry and consumer, and provide opportunities for each group to learn from one another. The field is better together, and we can all benefit from knowledgeable companies, makers, and consumers.


NYC Jewelry Week is built on inclusivity. It is the foundation of our platform, and is essential to the health of our community. We proactively build new tables, and invite everyone to sit with us. Enjoying jewelry is for everyone, and we want to ensure that we are representative of the world around us. Inclusivity is the essence of NYC, and something we strive to embody at all times.


NYC Jewelry Week believes in sustainability in all its forms. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable businesses and business practices within the industry, starting from within. We value conscious making and consumption, and believe as an industry we have a responsibility to our resources and our community. We believe in the sustainability for the communities in which work is conceived, created, sold, and enjoyed and we believe in the distribution of wealth ensuring the returns of such work remain within the communities in which they are built.


NYC Jewelry Week is committed to democracy and the democratization of jewelry. We want to provide our community with the emotional access to participate in jewelry, to rethink what it means to them. We all wear jewelry, and while not all jewelry is accessible to everyone, jewelry is for everyone. We promote access, generate excitement, and celebrate the field. We want to give everyone the chance to get excited about jewelry, whatever that means to you and we want you to know that you are invited.


NYC Jewelry Week is about celebrating the joy of jewelry. The joy of making. The joy of collecting. The joy of ownership. The joy of coveting. The joy of storytelling. The joy of memorial. The joy of beauty. The joy of community. We want everyone who engages with our platform to experience their own joy. The joy of jewelry.