Single Mine Origin (SMO) Gold is revolutionizing the jewelry industry with its commitment to responsible sourcing and complete transparency. In 2021, Journalist Amy Elliott interviewed Charlie Betts, the creator of SMO Gold, and Jody Wainwright, the Managing Director of Boodles, a luxury British jeweler. They discussed and shared insights on the SMO Gold initiative.

The SMO Gold Concept

SMO Gold represents a shift towards known provenance and responsible sourcing of precious metals in the jewelry industry. Charlie Betts introduced the concept, emphasizing its dual foundation: a known origin and a commitment to being a responsible source. He explained that it’s all about offering consumers a clear understanding of where their jewelry materials come from.

How It All Began

The SMO Gold journey began with the Betts Group and Hummingbird Resources. The Betts Group, with its longstanding jewelry trade experience, joined forces with Hummingbird Resources, an established mining company. Together, they aimed to create a transparent supply chain for gold.

The Criteria for Approval

The SMO Gold seal of approval is based on the Responsible Gold Mining Principles established by the World Gold Council. Mines aiming for SMO Gold certification undergo rigorous assessments, ensuring that they conform to industry best practices and maintain high standards in various areas, such as corporate governance, community engagement, and environmental responsibility.

A Growing Network

While Boodles was the first jeweler to embrace Single Mine Origin Gold, the initiative aims to expand beyond exclusive partnerships. Charlie mentioned that they are open to collaboration with other jewelry brands and trade participants. By making this gold an industry standard, they hope to encourage more responsible sourcing and provenance efforts throughout the market.

Potential Impact on Luxury Jewelers

Jody Wainwright, Managing Director of Boodles, expressed that SMO Gold’s success wouldn’t dilute the value of luxury jewelry. For luxury brands like Boodles, SMO Gold aligns with their core values, offering customers the assurance of ethical and sustainable sourcing. Moreover, as other brands embrace SMO Gold, it further bolsters the industry’s collective commitment to responsible sourcing.

The Soft Launch Approach

When it comes to launching SMO Gold in the United States, Charlie Betts revealed that they haven’t yet finalized their strategy. They’ve traditionally relied on word of mouth and organic growth. However, they’re not ruling out the possibility of a more elaborate launch in the future.

Watch the Full Conversation

If you want to dive deeper into this transformative initiative and hear the full discussion with Charlie Betts and Jody Wainwright, check out the complete conversation on YouTube. The insights shared in the interview shed light on the future of responsible sourcing in the jewelry industry and how known-origin gold is playing a crucial role in this transformation.

Stay informed, join the responsible sourcing movement, and discover how Single Mind Origin gold is shaping the future of jewelry by watching the interview today. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation that’s sure to inspire change in the industry.

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