In From The Desk Of we’ll get the inside scoop on what’s inspiring some of our favorite jewelry personalities, influencers, historians, and experts. We’re kicking things off with Caroline Ervin, gemologist, consultant, educator, and jewelry media personality extraordinaire. With a foundation in Art History and a background in the auction industry, Caroline’s expertise and perspective on jewelry and business is multifaceted to say the least. Today, we’ll talk with Caroline about a little something that’s on her jewelry wishlist.

But first, here’s a bit more about Caroline: 

Growing up in New England, Caroline Ervin formed an early appreciation for art and antiques, while attending local auctions with her grandparents. After studying Art History Colorado College, Caroline worked at various auction houses, always fascinated by the excitement and intensity of this transparent form of selling. She realized that jewelry was the specialty area where she belonged after witnessing the historic auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry while working in a support department at Christie’s. Caroline then began working toward her Graduate Gemologist degree at the GIA, and landed a job in the renowned Christie’s Jewelry Department. Rising the ranks from a cataloguer to a Specialist and Associate Vice President at Christie’s, Caroline also became an auctioneer for the company, selling everything from multi-million dollar contemporary paintings to space memorabilia, and presiding over such landmark auctions as The Collection of Lee Bouvier Radziwill and The David Gilmour Guitar Auction. Caroline left Christie’s in June 2021 to focus on developing her own business. She is a jewelry media personality, gemologist, consultant, and educator and shares her favorite jewels, from the antique to the contemporary, via her Instagram page.

And now from Caroline’s Desk:

Want to know one thing on my jewelry collection wishlist?! A ‘Ludo’ jewel by Van Cleef & Arpels!

Van Cleef & Arpels first introduced their signature ‘Ludo’ bracelet in 1934, under the supervision of Renee Puissant, Alfred Van Cleef’s daughter. Artistic director of the company from 1926 – 1942, she collaborated closely with the talented designer René-Sim Lacaze, and together this team was to exercise a great influence over the style of creations made between the two World Wars. Successful since its inception, the ‘Ludo’ model went on to become one of the quintessential hallmarks of post-war production. The best-known and iconic version consisted of a mosaic arrangement of articulated hexagons in polished metal, referred to as the ‘à ruche’ or ‘beehive’ pattern, with a precious stone at the center of each plaque in a ‘serti etoile’ or ‘star’ setting.

Shown above: retro sapphire and diamond “Ludo Hexagone” bracelet. Circa 1936, it features old and calibré-cut sapphires, old and single-cut diamonds.

This sweet Van Cleef & Arpels ‘Ludo’ jewel, a clip-brooch, shown above and below, features over 90 diamonds, approximately 4 carats, set in 18k yellow gold. Circa 1935.

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Text by Caroline Ervin. Photos and image details courtesy of Christie’s. Video courtesy of Caroline Ervin. Introduced and edited by Jackie Andrews.