If you’ve been following along here at FUTURE HEIRLOOM, you know we’re devoted to The Power of Jewelry. We’ve shared our take on the topic, and invited you to share yours, and today we welcome Renu Choudary of The Diamond Talk to share her insights as we kick off a little series featuring influencers, tastemakers, visionaries, educators and artists from around the world showing us the pieces of jewelry that represent what the Power of Jewelry means to them. We’ll let Renu take it from here.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston

Since time immemorial, jewellery has always played a powerful role in enhancing one’s look and also as an extension to one’s personality. Some of the most memorable jewellery pieces for me are in the following categories. 

Natural diamonds: These unique, rare and natural gemstones which are formed a billion years back have always been a great source of inspiration to me, for they inspire me to be powerful, strong, resilient and to keep shining bright. Below are a few of my favourite natural diamond jewels which have empowered me.

Necklace by Jacob and Co.

From every angle this brilliant platinum necklace by Jacob and Co. necklace (shown above) sparkles with exceptional diamonds. In the centre is a 54-carat round drop diamond with remarkable brilliance. It takes centre stage for 24 round diamonds totaling 63 carats that line the entire neckline of this remarkable one-of-a-kind jewel. It made a star appearance on the red carpet of this year’s Met Gala, worn by the American model, Gigi Hadid. Here are a few more natural diamond favourites:

Charlton Art Deco Bangle circa 1935 via Paul Fisher

Color serves as a powerful communication tool and have a great impact on our lives, as it can brighten our mood and add joy and happiness. Since ancient times gemstones are believed to have great significance in protecting the wearer with good health and bring prosperity and luck, on that note I would like to share a few of my favourite color gemstone jewels:

Sapphire Bracelets by Pratiek

Shown above: unheated natural sapphire bracelets by Pratiek. Striking a  perfect balance and harmony of colour with the rarest selection of sapphires in this stunning pair of bracelets. Below, a necklace by Margot McKinney featuring an extraordinary 153.33cts amethyst; is surrounded by “Margot Pave” and hung an amazing Australian baroque south sea pearl. This can be worn long or short and with or without the pearl.

Necklace by Margot McKinney

Throughout centuries, pearls have been an epitome of royalty and grace, a simple string of pearls can do wonders! See below a multi-colour natural pearl choker called the Pearl Butterfly followed by a green feathers brooch studded with natural pearls both by Matter Jewels.

Pearl Butterfly Necklace by Matter Jewels
Brooch with green feathers and natural pearls by Matter Jewels

And a few favourites from Assael below. First up a golden South Sea pearl with turquoise: the golden/woody veining in this special turquoise was calling out for golden pearls. The combination is as natural as turquoise with yellow gold, but with luster and volume! Both materials are natural in color.

Below left is a chalcedony and South Sea baroque earrings by Assael – both the chalcedony and baroque South Sea pearls are organic in shape, but the surfaces play off each other… luster versus translucence. They are large, about 22 mm in length, horizontally, and set in platinum.

And finally, below right, a South Sea pearl and emerald-cut diamond ring also by Assael. Diamond with pearl is a classic combination of gems, and it is feeling fresh and even more desirable now. The Natural Diamond Council recently named this combination as one of the most important trends. Assael’s 3.08 ct emerald-cut diamond with a super gem quality 11.2 mm round South Sea pearl is simple, modern and luxurious in its voluptuous platinum mounting. 

Renu Choudhary is a Gem & Jewelry consultant based out of Mumbai. She is a 4th generation jewelry enthusiast and a Gemological Institute of America (New York) Diamond Graduate. Renu comes to the jewelry industry-backed by both experience from a generations-old diamond business and a strong influence from her ancestral city, Jaipur’s rich heritage of exceptional gems and exquisite craftsmanship.

She launched her blog The Diamond Talk in 2018 with the intention to promote the Gem & Jewelry Industry on a digital platform. Over the years, she has had the opportunity of jurying prestigious jewelery design awards, visiting multiple trade shows, traveling to the De Beers Diamonds Mines in Botswana, and being a guest speaker at numerous jewelry related seminars and events.

“I strongly believe in curating informative, valuable, and educative content for my global digital family.” With that belief in mind, Renu currently hosts a series of Instagram Live conversations with renowned designers and jewelry and auction houses from across the globe as she continues her mission with The Diamond Talk. Follow her @thediamondtalk.

Thank you, Renu, for sharing your favorite “power” jewels. Follow @nycjewelryweek for more from this series of influential jewelry voices sharing influential and powerful jewelry in their lives.

Written by Renu Choudhary; edited and introduced by JB Jones. Images provided by Renu Choudhary.