CUATA Jewelry

CUATA Jewelry

CUATA Jewelry was created by twin sisters Isabel and Elena Moncada, who within their sisterhood constructed a private creative language. Working together has led them to achieve a unique synergy due to the polarity of their personalities. Duality is at the heart of their work.

CUATA Jewelry has exhibited its work in galleries and museums in major cities around the world such as London, Paris, Madrid and Mexico City. In the United States: Chicago, Denver, Palm Beach, Dallas and San Antonio. In the interior of the Mexican Republic: Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, Monterrey, Uruapan and Guadalajara. They have participated in fashion catwalks with renowned Mexican designers such as Carla Fernández, who has invited them to be part of her performances "Fashion in Motion" at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London in 2018 and "Manifiesto" at Fondation Cartier in Paris in 2022 As well as on Julia and Renata's (fashion designers) catwalk at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFWMX) 2019.

Cuata, is the feminine form of the word "cuate", Mexican slang referring to fraternal twins. Cuate originated in the Nahuatl "coatl", which in turn comes from Quetzalcóatl, the feathered serpent or precious twin, and the Aztec god of duality, arts and craft.

The contrast between Isabel and Elena’s personalities unite in a balance. "In our logo, the image of the double circle divided by a line alludes not only to our creative duality as twins but also a shared universe that nourishes our imagination. The line in the center of logo is the mirror in which we reflect each other".

The two collections presented at NYCJW are MAXA and CUENCOS. The MAXA collection, means "deer" in the Wixaritari language. The Wixarika believe the deer is an animal that translates the language of the gods for humans. This animal for centuries has represented a symbol of spirituality and strength. Male deer shed their antlers every year in renewal of life and seasons, and for this reason is revered in many cultures. Our designs exalt our roots in ancestral crafts with a conscious commitment to support social causes. We buy and use shed antlers, this supports low-income rural communities in northern Mexico. Their collection provides incentives to protect and keep the species alive.

Antler is the focal point of the MAXA collection. Each piece of antler is unique and provides each piece a distinct size, shape, color and texture. We aspire that each piece of the MAXA collection become an expression of the collector, a talisman in the lives of those who wear them.

The CUENCOS collection (Means bowls) The bowl is a symbol of femininity because it is concave: it contains, receives, embraces, and offers. When turned, it becomes a convex structure: it protects and protects like the dome, like the shield. It carries, then, the meaning of duality in itself. The pieces in this collection are made through a completely artisanal and extremely laborious process. The production time, intricate designs, patience, craftsmanship and manual dexterity that goes into each piece of the bowls collection make them unique and priceless.