Kim Nogueira

Kim Nogueira

Kim Nogueira received her education apprenticing as a production goldsmith in the Caribbean. Her BA in sociology from Smith College and deep trance hypnosis training support the thought-based yet intuitively-guided metaphysical explorations that undergird her wearable narrative art practice. Her glass enamel and metal work combines the narrative power of text and imagery from the historical record and functions as a bridge between the physical, material realms and the invisible, unseen and mysterious territories of the mind.

"I have been on a journey of unlearning for several years now. This trek has taken me inward, on a search for the ancient language that connects me to the wind, the ocean, a tortoise and birds, the stars, humanity.  This strange interior pilgrimage included the shedding of layers of learned fear, replaced by the embrace of inter-being, the extraordinary interconnectedness of all things in this universe of marvels and oddities, astonishments and magnificence.

"I weave this ethos through my jewelry art using a magpie approach. My intuitively designed and layered narratives in glass and metal extend an invitation to the viewer to become a magician for a moment, an alchemist in reverie, a shaman dreaming a new world. They are a nexus point that connects our conscious awareness to the support of numinous and transcendent fields of potentiality that exist in the eternal present moment. The next iteration of humanity will blossom and metamorphosize in this uncharted interface."

Kim's work has been included in numerous publications, including Art Aurea and Metalsmith, The Art of Enameling, 500 Beads and Narrative Jewelry. One of her automata was aquired for the permanent collection of the Morris Museum, and she has exhibited work in England, Scotland, China, France, South Korea, Canada and Japan, as well as across America. Notable exhibitions include the Museum of Arts and Design’s MAD about JEWELRY, Le génie des images at LA Joaillerie par Mazlo in Paris, France and the 55th International Enamel Exchange exhibition at the Tokyo Museum of Art. Her solo show Paradox Found exhibited several months ago at Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge MA.