Moirra is a Greek word that means destiny. Being strong believers that we all make our own destiny, we chose to name our brand Moirra. We hope, that through our story, we can spread the positive impactful message that our destiny is in our hands and we can mold it how we want.

Indian Embroidery and embellishments inspire Moirra’s Jewelry. We try to skillfully utilize the eternal charm of Indian Embroidery into each of our collections.All our pieces are fabric based wherein we blend the old traditional work with the new, experimenting with styles and surfaces.
Our signature work is Zari Work, which includes various embroidery stitches like the French knots, the stem stitch, mirror work and surface embellishments.

Each piece is unique in itself and speaks to the skills of our artisan. We firmly believe a jewelry piece from Moirra can lend beauty and elegance to the simplest of attires and accentuate your look and make you stand out from the rest.

Moirra was born out of a love for fabric and design by our Founder Ramika Ahuja from India. Her love for design goes back to her childhood days. While growing up, she watched her mother run her boutique for kids clothing and this inspired Ramika to follow in her footsteps and create her own venture someday.