Sheila Westera, an artist with a unique and distinctive approach to jewellery design, emerged from a background in the fine jewellery industry while studying History of Art & Architecture. With a drive to create jewellery that resonates with the soul and transcends the boundaries of traditional adornments, she embarked on a creative journey that has earned her recognition and acclaim.

After years of immersing herself in the world of fine jewellery, Sheila began to feel the need for a different kind of jewellery, one that was more soulful and bespoke. This inner calling inspired her to innovate her own techniques and create jewellery that is not just beautiful but deeply personal. Kyle Roderick of Forbes magazine aptly notes, "Her style and technique are hers and hers alone," underscoring the exceptional and original nature of her work.

Sheila's works aren't mere accessories; they are individual works of art, designed to be one-of-a-kind, each with its own personality. Her creations are a reflection of her deep connection with nature and a profound sense of responsibility towards our planet. Each piece tells a story, and she channels her creative expression through three distinct collections, each bearing its own philosophy and inspiration:

“Conversation Pieces Collection”: Showcases Sheila's ability to transform raw, polished, or faceted stones into magnificent, raw, and captivating jewellery. Her jewellery is an embodiment of the beauty that she finds in natural stones, with a certain rawness and her signature glamorous touch.

“Arty Scenes Collection”: As an artist, she feels a need to express herself concerning social issues or other challenges that she faces. She sees this work as a platform for possible change and greater awareness, through her powerful statements.

“Purely Wired Collection”: This is her most relaxed work, lightweight, individual, shaped by her hands, effortlessly elegant and versatile.

Sheila Westera is not merely a jewellery designer but an artist who uses her work to provoke thought, inspire change, alongside celebrating the beauty of the natural world when worn in a cosmopolitan setting. Her one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces have garnered attention for their originality, innovation, and the depth of meaning they carry. On a mission to redefine the boundaries of jewellery, making it more soulful and less mass-produced, creating pieces that are not just beautiful ornaments but powerful expressions of her creativity, vision, and commitment to making a difference.